Olive harvester (T)
Revolving type

The Olive Harvester (T) Revolving type is one of the top productivity harvesters which creates pleasant use with its light weight for the user. The rod material is offered either by carbon fiber or aluminium.

Characteristics of olive harvester

Ensuring minimum friction between the moving parts of the harvester we created a harvester that offers:

Less vibration
Less noise
Fuel saving

The metal gears of the head ensure the product longevity without problems.

The carbon fiber rod material combines the minimum weight and the rigidity even in the height of 3.2 meters.

As an economical solution we propose aluminium as rod material with the maximum height of 2,8m.

The end of the cable connecting to the controller is enhanced with a curling cover from special plastic material to prevent the free oscillation of the cable, protecting it from the easy break.

Around the surface of the controller small holes can be found, which ensure the necessary input and output of air to cool the electric motor.

The controller surrounds the specifically designed for this application electric motor. Thereby we reinforced it and simultaneously minimized its weight.

Technical Features



DC 12V 200W


Cable Length

16.60 m


Rod Material

Carbon fiber or aluminium


Total Rod length

3,20m carbon fiber or 2,80m aluminium


Weight without Cable

2,70Κg at 2,40m with carbon fiber rod or 3,00Kg at 2,40m with aluminium rod


Total rodsticks

2 x 4 = 8


Head rotation

800-1100 rotations/min


Energy source

1. Electric generator 14V 70A. With the dynamic of working 3 olive harvesters at the same time.

2. Car Battery 80ah. The duration of working with only one harvester is six hours.

*Any change of technical characteristics can be made without advance notice